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About ivesti

'ivesti' means 'vest' in Xhosa. It's pronounced "ee"vesti, not "i"vesti as in "i"phone. What more appropriate for a product proudly made in South Africa.

Why Vest... Why chest?

I have had many passionate and purposeful heart felt moments and experiences on and off my mountain bike, riding amazing tracks and trails, races and events, fulfilling bucket lists. Many super cold mornings and chilly starts left me shivering one moment and then boiling once the first 5kms were done. ivesti's flag ship product is developed from an old bib concept, and lack of ability to find them gave me a chance to go out and develop a pure South Africa bib for practically any use thats cozy, warm, convenient and close to the heart. The heart is in the chest, the vest protects the chest.

and so ivesti was born...


Funky & comfortable...from winter bibs to great t-shirts & caps, welcome to the fun club.

Your ultimate winter requirement... the winter bib: ivesti, the wind-breaker vest for your chest, is your first layer, and imperitive for the cool and cold weather when you are on your bike, the road, or enjoying an outdoor activity. Adults with a neck sizie of 50cm will comfortably fit into an ivesti. Kiddies have their own line too. Sizes from teeny-tiny 3 months to 12 years. We cater for the whole families' cooler weather and winter need. sUse it throughout the year, no matter where you are, or what you are doing: Mountain biking, Cycling, Motor biking, Running, Horse riding, Skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Work or School.

ivesti cycle gear showcases fun designs. Focussed on ladies and children's cycle top designs. Invincible, adventurous, loving and passionate... your alter ego

YOLO... You Only Live Once... t-shirts for runners and cyclists alike... anybody who has the passion to live life to the full every day

ivesti Kiddies range be a super-hero and join the Pedal Power, Little League Champions in super cool gear!

I hope my products and designs will bring you as much joy wearing them as they have given me designing them. And by supporting my small business, I thank you and look forward to welcoming you to the ivesti family.

Join The Dirty Daisies on ladies mountain bike rides in and around
Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Single track will never be the same again... YOLO!




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